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Gear failure of Stamp Mill

Gear is an important part of the normal operation of Stamp Mill. When there are some problems with the gear, it is very troublesome. We will mainly introduce several common gear faults of the Stamp Mill. Tell you the reason and solution of the problem, hope it will help you.

The big gear ring of the Stamp Mill has a radial and end-face operation: when installing the big gear ring of the Stamp Mill, because the big gear ring is fixed by bolts, the end-face operation is regulated by the holes in the screw. The spiral holes are distributed on the circumference of the ring gear. When the end face of the big gear ring does not meet the requirements, the Stamp Mill runs for a long time, the bolt is loose, ring gear and ring gear vibration is easy to produce deformation.

The vibration of pinion caused by the loosening of extension shaft seat of Stamp Mill: the vibration of pinion of Stamp Mill is caused by the eccentricity of gear shaft and shaft, the large deviation of the center line and extension axis of gear shaft, and the loose of foundation bolt. Although we often tighten bolts, we still loose.

Stamp Mill gear assembly is not in place: small gear and big gear ring meshing Stamp Mill is the key, if assembled, can extend the service life of Stamp Mill gear, reduce vibration. When gear is installed, the gear ring is fixed on the cylinder block. At this point, we need to adjust the position of the pinion. The axis of pinion and big gear ring should be parallel to the center line; the clearance and clearance should be correct; if it is too small, it is easy to have inverted hook; if it is large, the gear is easy to break teeth.

Stamp Mill cover leakage, pinion wear: cover liner is cast iron hair germ, in a long time of material and steel impact, fixed bolt liner often loose. Then the leakage of the pulp cap from the bolt hole. In addition, the transmission gear cover is not tightly sealed, and the pulp can be easily thrown into the ring gear, causing gear wear and shortening life.