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Fault of Silica Sand Grinding Mill

In the actual production process of Silica Sand Grinding Mill, wear phenomenon inevitably occurs, and such phenomena as wear and tear will cause excessive vibration of Silica Sand Grinding Mill, then, what kind of damage will cause the vibration of the magic force, let us summarize it.

First, excessive wear of the liner of Silica Sand Grinding Mill.

Because of the centrifugal force of the grinding disc, large pieces of material on the grinding disc are concentrated in the outer region of the grinding disc, which makes the outer wear of the roller and the lining plate of the grinding disc larger than the inner wear during the operation. This unbalanced wear may cause hard impact on the inner side of the roller liner and the inner side of the disc liner when the material layer fluctuates greatly or the material layer is thin.

Second, button bar and “ cattle tendon &rdquo damage.

Button bar and & ldquo; rib & rdquo; function is to prevent the grinding roll on the grinding plate radial displacement, when they are damaged, resulting in excessive radial swing of the grinding roll, damage to the normal “ suction & rdquo; angle, serious can cause the grinding roll and grinding plate relative sliding, causing vibration of Silica Sand Grinding Mill.

Third. Failure of hydraulic system.

Hydraulic system is one of the most important equipment systems in Silica Sand Grinding Mill. If the drawbar action caused by hydraulic system failure, the three rollers of falling and rising rollers are not synchronous, etc. may cause mill vibration.

Forth. Insufficient accumulator pressure or nitrogen balloon damage.

When the accumulator pressure is insufficient or the nitrogen bag is damaged, it will lose the cushioning effect and cause the grinding roller to fall rigidly, which will easily lead to a large vibration of the Silica Sand Grinding Mill.

Fifth, the impact of sprinkler system

Normally, no matter how much the material is fed, the sprinkler will be started to increase the toughness and rigidity of the material. When one of the three spray pipes is blocked or leaked, the material layer will be unbalanced and the roller will undulate, leading to vibration. In addition, if the sprinkler system stops during operation, the grinding layer will lose its toughness and rigidity, which will also lead to vibration of the Silica Sand Grinding Mill.

There are many reasons for the vibration of the Silica Sand Grinding Mill. Sometimes these factors are used synthetically. When the vibration of the Silica Sand Grinding Mill is found, it must be & ldquo.