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How to extend the service life of Cement Raw Mill

The vigorous promotion of national urbanization has led to the prosperity of the building materials market. The new standards proposed by cement and concrete enterprises to Cement Raw Mill manufacturers are high efficiency, high quality and low cost. This concept of low cost on the one hand is the Cement Raw Mill production line equipment investment and site construction investment to be low, on the other hand, the wear resistance of equipment accessories to be high, by reducing parts renewal and prolonging service life to reduce investment costs, in order to obtain higher economic benefits.

As long-term contact with materials components, grinding rolls, grinding discs and lining plates are the main vulnerable parts of Cement Raw Mills, manufacturers in order to improve the service life of equipment will pay attention to improving the wear resistance of accessories. Some enterprises fail to grasp the correct operation method in the operation process, which is easy to lead to the damage of these wear-resistant parts, and will cause a significant decline in the operating efficiency of equipment. The factors affecting the service life of Cement Raw Mill accessories mainly include the following four aspects.

1. Material properties. Material with different hardness and material has the same degree of wear on the roller, disc and liner of Cement Raw Mill. Simply speaking, the material has more impurities and hardness, which has a greater impact on the wear of wear-resistant parts. Many users report that wear of wear-resistant parts of Cement Raw Mills will increase when the content of quartz and pyrite increases. Therefore, the material properties become a factor affecting the wear degree of the Cement Raw Mill.

2. Feed condition. If the production line is not equipped with timing and quantitative feeding equipment, it will be prone to clogging. Uneven feeding will cause great grinding pressure and wear direct wear to the roller.

3. Passing iron device. In the product specification will be about the introduction of iron passing device, this design is mainly on the metal into the grinding chamber of an automatic treatment, iron ore discharging mill on the one hand does not affect the normal grinding process of materials, on the other hand, can reduce the wear and tear of the crushing chamber.

4. Correct operation sequence. The Cement Raw Mill should be operated by professional technicians, and the correct starting sequence should be executed. The main engine should be turned on after the blower is turned on when the crusher is moving, and the main engine should be stopped after the blower is stopped when the crusher is stopped. The opposite operating sequence is easy to cause short circuit of the motor.