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Cause of failure of lock valve

Locked air valve is installed in Gold Stamp Mill. The main function of the lock air valve is to control the air volume. If it fails, it may lead to production obstacles. This paper analyzes and introduces the trouble and solution of the lock air valve for you.

In the design of Gold Stamp Mill, a lot of parts and components are equipped. Although these parts are not big, many of them are necessary to ensure the smooth grinding of the machine. For example, the hydraulic cylinder device in the Gold Stamp Mill, if not installed, the machine is prone to violent vibration, resulting in the machine. Failure, and the lock valve installed in the equipment is also of the same importance.

The main function of the air lock valve of the Gold Stamp Mill is to control the amount of air entering the system, because the air entering the Gold Stamp Mill system comes from the hot air of the hot stove, which is still extracted by the exhaust fan behind the system. If the air lock valve is completely opened, the air flow of the system will be relatively large, and this will happen. Material grinding and fineness of finished products affect the machine, so we need to handle the size of the valve according to production needs.

Two kinds of faults may occur in the air lock valve of Gold Stamp Mill. One is that the air lock valve is blocked, and the other is that the air lock valve leaks. Because the Gold Stamp Mill is mainly used in the grinding of ore materials, and the hardness of these ore materials are generally relatively large, so these ore crushing, the need for a great deal of force on the material, and the force is mutual, the force on the material will also affect the machine parts, such as air lock valve. Therefore, when the air lock valve is used for a long time, it will be easy to be worn out and air leakage will occur; in the ore grinding, powder materials are easy to fly, when the powder material humidity is relatively high, the material viscosity is relatively high, these powder materials may plug the air lock valve, thus causing failure.

When the air lock valve is blocked, there will be an air grinding phenomenon on the grinding plate inside the machine, and because the grinding roller is in normal operation, the impact of the grinding roller on the grinding plate will cause severe vibration of the machine; when the air lock valve leaks, the system air volume is insufficient, which may lead to machine vibration, and also lead to powder material output and powder. Changes in fineness and so on are often accompanied by a decline in production and fineness of flour.

In view of the above reasons, when we find the air lock valve fault, we should solve in time, that is, find the blockage, timely dredge, and try to control the material humidity size to prevent clogging again; when the air lock valve leakage, the user can stop and update.