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    Vibrating screen bearing overheating



Vibrating screen bearing overheating

Under normal circumstances, the vibrating screen empty car test 4h, the bearing temperature should be maintained at 35 ~ 60 ° C, if the bearing temperature is high during the test run, there may be the following reasons:

  • 1. The radial clearance of the bearing is too small. Since the bearing on the vibrating screen carries a large load, the frequency is high, and the load is always variable, the bearing must have a large clearance. If a bearing with a normal clearance is used, the outer ring of the bearing must be ground again to make it a large clearance.
  • 2. The bearing gland is too tight. There must be a certain gap between the gland and the outer ring of the bearing to ensure normal heat dissipation and a certain axial turbulence of the bearing. This gap can be adjusted by a gasket between the end cap and the bearing housing.
  • 3, the bearing lacks oil or too much, oil pollution or oil quality does not match. At this time, the bearings need to be oiled, cleaned, replaced with oil and seals, checked for oil quality and oil filling, and there may be bearing wear or bearing quality problems.