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     Parts of the vibrating screen are worn or damaged



Parts of the vibrating screen are worn or damaged

Some parts of the vibrating screen will wear out or damage even after a long time. Common faults include tube beam breakage, beam breakage, and screen frame breakage.

Tube beam fracture

  • a. If the wall of the tube beam is too thin, it may cause breakage. In this case, the same type of thick-walled tube or the larger type of tube beam should be used, but it should not be too large or too thick, because it will increase the vibration quality of the vibrating screen and bring many problems. ;
  • b. The joints of the screens of the dewatering and de-screening screens shall have transverse and longitudinal beading. If there is no longitudinal beading, the water will leak from the gap between the screens and flush the tube beams. The tube beams are easy to be washed. fracture;
  • c. The wider the vibrating screen, the more easily the tube beam is broken. According to the experience, when the screen width exceeds 3 m, it is better to use two channels;
  • d. If the pipe beam is not seriously broken, in order not to affect the production, the pipe beam can be repaired and welded to continue to use. When repairing, the weld is to be along the longitudinal direction of the pipe beam, and no transverse weld is allowed. Otherwise, the pipe beam It is easier to break from the transverse weld.

Beam break

The beam breakage is mostly due to the working time at the critical frequency is too long, the high-strength bolts of a large number of fastening side plates are slack, and the springs are severely deformed, so that the difference between the left and right heights is extremely large, and the weight error of the eccentric mass may be too large, causing damage to the structural parts. The beam is broken. At this time, the damaged structural parts and beams should be replaced, and the bolts should be tightened to adjust the quality of the eccentric block.

Screen frame break

The screen frame is prone to breakage due to tremor. The best way to solve this problem is to thicken the side panels or add attachment to the local area of ​​the side panels near the exciter to enhance the rigidity of the entire screen frame.