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     Quartz Crusher bearing



Quartz Crusher bearing

Mining machinery and equipment usually include mining, crushing, screening, transportation and other working equipment. Most of them work in remote areas away from the city, and work continuously in harsh environments such as wind and sun. The harsh working environment is reliable for the equipment. It is a great challenge, and it is difficult to repair due to the large size of the machine.

Based on the characteristics of crushing equipment, SBM has developed and manufactured a series of Quartz Crusher bearings with years of experience in bearing manufacturing, providing customers with products that can withstand harsh conditions, wear and impact resistance, high reliability and long life. Customers benefit from increased equipment life and performance.

Quartz Crusher bearing characteristics

  • high quality spherical roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings specially produced for the special working conditions of crushing equipment have the following characteristics:
  • Optimize the internal structure of the bearing, lower vibration, reduce heat and improve service life;
  • Improved cage design to improve bearing impact resistance;
  • Optimize the coincidence rate of roller and raceway of spherical roller bearing, improve the surface roughness of roller and raceway, reduce friction, reduce temperature rise and improve running performance;
  • It can provide one-piece brass cage cylindrical roller bearing, which has stronger impact resistance and more stable performance.
  • Provide different structural products for different working conditions, or customize special tours.

Main application of Quartz Crusher bearing

  • Special spherical roller bearings are used in various crushing machines with impact load such as jaw crusher, roller crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher;
  • AZ series spherical roller bearings are used in high speed, heavy load and high impact vibration machinery;
  • Special cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings are used in high speed and light load conditions such as sand making machines.

Quartz Crusher bearings help customers increase value

  • Extend the working life of equipment and reduce energy consumption;
  • Improve equipment performance and improve operational reliability and safety;
  • Reduce downtime and reduce maintenance costs.