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  • Abstract:Performance advantages of Stamp Mill compared to other millsStamp Mill is a kind of more advanced grinding production equipment, it has many performance charact



Performance advantages of Stamp Mill compared to other mills

Stamp Mill is a kind of more advanced grinding production equipment, it has many performance characteristics, making it different from other grinding production equipment, the following describes the performance characteristics of Stamp Mill.

1. High grinding efficiency. The Stamp Mill adopts the principle of & ldquo; material grinding & rdquo; is a kind of material placed on a horizontal surface, let the roller on the surface of the grinding and grinding. The grinding principle of the feeder bed is a kind of energy-saving principle, which saves 20% to 30% of the power consumption in the grinding production compared with the ball mill. In the grinding production system of Stamp Mill, a certain amount of moisture should be added. When the moisture content is from nothing to a more appropriate amount, with the increase of moisture content, the electric energy saving effect of Stamp Mill is more significant.

2, the ability to dry material is strong, and it is not easy to block material. A hot-blast stove is installed in the grinding production system of the Stamp Mill. The hot-blast stove can be used to dry the materials. It is not easy to stick together when the materials are dry, which causes the outlet blockage and improves the working efficiency of the machine.

3, vertical structure, simple structure, small footprint. Stamp Mill is a kind of grinding equipment which integrates crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection and conveying. All the functional devices in these equipment are vertically installed in a Stamp Mill. So many steps are carried out without occupying a lot of area. Therefore, grinding production with more equipment is needed. The line is more popular. The role of each device in the Stamp Mill has a clear division of labor, these simple devices combined into a Stamp Mill grinding equipment, simple structure makes the maintenance and use of the machine more convenient.

4, low noise, less dust, clean working environment. The grinding of materials in the Stamp Mill is realized by rolling the mill roll. There is no direct contact between the mill roll and the mill disc, and there is no collision noise. Except for the machine failure, the overall noise of the machine is relatively low, 20 dB to 50 dB lower than that of the ball mill. There are two collectors in the grinding production system of Stamp Mill: cyclone collector and bag filter. These two collectors can collect powder while avoiding air pollution caused by powder release into the atmosphere. Double insurance makes the working environment of the grinding production line of Stamp Mill cleaner.

5, the roll can be turned over to reduce production costs. The mill roll in the Stamp Mill can turn over and use the other side when one side is worn seriously. The user spends less on the replacement cost of the mill roll, saves the cost and prolongs the service life of the mill roll.