• Name :High-Power Specialization Is The Development Of Construction Waste Crusher
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    Introduction: SBM provide customers with complete sets of sand and stone material broken, quartz sand production line, building sand production line, stone production line equipment from the broken machine, anti-broken machine, vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen), belt machine combination. According to different process requirements, with the appropriate type of equipment to configure, to play its better performance.


In order to meet the needs of high production and efficient intensive production, belt conveyor capacity to increase the Construction Waste Crusher to increase production. Its long distance, high speed, large volume, high-power belt machine is the inevitable trend of future development, but also high production and efficient development of mine transport technology. In the future 10a delivery volume should be increased to 3000 ~ 4000t / h, also increased to 4 ~ 6m / s, the length of the conveyor belt for the retractable conveyor to reach 3000m. For the rope with a strong belt conveyor to be extended to more than 5000m, stand-alone drive power requirements of 1000 ~ 1500kW, conveyor belt tensile strength of 6000N / mm (steel core) and 2500N / mm (steel core).

1 roller life My existing roller technology compared with the outside, short life, low speed, resistance, and the United States and other new use of the new roller, the running resistance is small, the use of thin oil lubrication bearings, greatly improved the care Roller life, and can be used as a high-speed roller conveyor belt conveyor, the use of a wide range of significant economic benefits. I travel belt roller life of 20,000 h, the outer roller life of 5 to 9 million h, production roller life is only 30% to 40% of the product, Construction Waste Crusher life reducer life conveyor belt reducer life 20,000 h , External gear reducer life 70,000 h.


Control System Gap

  • (1) drive me for the speed control type hydraulic coupling and hardened gear reducer, external transmission and diverse ways, such as BOSS system, CST controllable transmission system, the control accuracy is high.
  • ⑵ monitoring device Construction Waste Crusher has been used high-end programmable logic controller PLC, the development of advanced software and integrated power supply relay control technology and data acquisition, processing, storage, transmission, fault diagnosis and query a complete automatic monitoring system The I Construction Waste Crusher only used mid-range programmable controller to control the conveyor start, normal operation, shutdown and other work processes. Although it can be used with controllable Kai device, it can achieve the function of controllable operation, speed synchronization and power balance, but there is no automatic proximity device, no fault diagnosis and inquiry.
  • ⑶ conveyor belt protection device Belt conveyor in addition to installation to prevent the conveyor belt deviation, slipping, tearing, overcrowding, automatic sprinkler dust and other protective devices, in recent years has developed a number of new monitoring devices: drive drum, Roller group temperature monitoring system; smoke alarm and automatic fire extinguishing device; fiber conveyor belt longitudinal tear and joint monitoring system; explosion-proof electronic conveyor belt scale automatic measurement system. I am basically in the new protection system. And my existing slippery, heap coal, slip coal full warehouse protection, anti-deviation, over-temperature sprinkler, smoke alarm device reliability, sensitivity, life are low.

Development Trend of Belt Conveyor Technology in Coal Mine

In particular, the development of coal mine downhole conveyor technology, with the emergence of high production and high efficiency and the continuous development of coal technology, the original retractable belt conveyor, whether it is the main parameters, or operating performance are difficult to adapt to high yield Efficient work surface requirements, the coal mine site on the need for greater master parameters, more advanced technology, more reliable performance of long-distance, large volume, high-power slotted telescopic belt machine to improve my belt conveyor technology design level , Fill the inside, close and catch up with the technical level of advanced industry. Which includes seven key technologies: ⑴ belt Construction Waste Crusher dynamic analysis and monitoring technology; ⑵ soft start and power balance technology; ⑶ intermediate drive technology; ⑷ automatic tensioning technology; ⑸ new high-life high-speed roller technology; ⑹ fast self-moving tail technology; ⑺ efficient storage technology.

Improve component performance and reliability

The high and low operating rate of the device depends primarily on the performance and reliability of the components. In addition to the two steps to improve and improve the performance and reliability of existing components, but also continue to develop new technologies and components, such as high-performance controllable soft start technology, dynamic analysis and monitoring technology, efficient storage device, Fast self-moving tail, high-speed roller, etc., so that the performance of belt Construction Waste Crusher into a two-step increase.

Expand the function, two machine multi-purpose

Expand transport, transport or two-way transport and other functions, so that the two machines and more use, to play a relatively large economic benefits. Development of special belt conveyor, such as curved belt Construction Waste Crusher, large angle or vertical lift Construction Waste Crusher.

Zhengzhou Xingyang Stone Broken Production Line

SBM provide customers with complete sets of sand and stone material broken, quartz sand production line, building sand production line, stone production line equipment from the Construction Waste Crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen), belt conveyor combination. According to different process requirements, with the appropriate type of equipment to configure, to play its better performance.

Production Line Process

First, the stone is crushed by a coarse crusher (coarse Construction Waste Crusher), and then the resulting coarse material is conveyed by a jaw Construction Waste Crusher to a crusher (crushing Construction Waste Crusher) or counterattack crusher Broken, broken after the stone into the vibrating screen sieve out of three kinds of stones, stones, ultra-standard stones back and then into the broken broken broken, more output to meet the requirements of a variety of stone.

Production Line Performance Introduction

The production line of high degree of automation, low operating costs, high rate of broken, energy saving, production, pollution, maintenance is simple, to produce the mechanism of sand in line with the standard building sand, uniform size, good grain size, gradation reasonable.

Cement Pavement Repair Technology and Equipment

Common forms of damage to cement pavement are: plate cracks and broken, plate edge corner breakage, plate vertical offset and arch, plate surface wear and pimple and so on. Cement pavement maintenance commonly used processes are: expansion joints, clear seam, irrigation joints, drilling holes, grooving, mixing, paving, vibrating, nap, drilling, l, broken and renovation. Cement road maintenance machine commonly used: Construction Waste Crusher, rock drill, high pressure water washing machine, sewing machine, sealing machine, cement mixer, vibrator and so on. Limited to space, this article only briefly describes the three kinds of modern technical level of cement pavement crushing equipment.

Impact compactor

Impact compaction machine compaction from two aspects: the second is the impact of the wheel's own weight; the second is the impact of the wheel when the impact of rolling function. At the same time due to the rapid accumulation of multilateral roller compacting capacity, but also increased the impact on the cement plate. Its huge impact can be 1.5 to 2.2 times per second low-frequency impact of the cement plate, the resulting strong shock wave to the cement plate below the base layer and soil base layer of the spread, so that the crushing plate is compacted, not only to keep The strength of the broken plate, but also make it into a block-like material embedded base structure, tightly embedded in the original pavement in the base layer, the formation of high-intensity base layer, thereby reducing or mitigating the original road plate reflection cracks, and reduce the surface layer Of horizontal and vertical stress.

The actual construction effect of the impact compactor shows that there are several cracks in the side of the cement plate. With the increase of the punching times, the longitudinal cracks increase and the transverse cracks begin to appear. After the stamping of the cement plate has broken, The crack is reticulated and distributed in the whole plate, part of the plate is completely broken, the size of 30 ~ 40cm; stamping 15 to 20 times after the cement plate size becomes 20 ~ 30cm, and the block in a good lock in a stable state, completely Meet the requirements of the construction process design.

Hydraulic multi - hammer Construction Waste Crusher

For the longer period of time, people used the hydraulic excavator crusher (commonly known as hydraulic hammer) and drop hammer cement pendulum Construction Waste Crusher on the old cement pavement plate broken. But because of their slow operation, low efficiency, has been replaced by hydraulic multi-hammer crushing equipment.

Hydraulic half hammer Construction Waste Crusher (MHB & mdash; & mdash; MultipltHeadBreaher) consists of two parts: the first half of the power plant diesel engine and hydraulic system; the latter part of the working device crushing system & mdash; Head, both sides have two pairs of wing hammer. Diesel engine driven hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump for the hydraulic cylinder to provide pressure oil. The reciprocating motion of the hydraulic cylinder drives the hammers alternately to hammer the cement plate and break it. Each pair of hammer lifting height can be adjusted. Hydraulic multi-hammer Construction Waste Crusher operating width of up to 4m / times, the working speed of up to 62.5m / h.

Resonant Construction Waste Crusher

The above impact crusher and multi-hammer Construction Waste Crusher are large vibration and noise, the labor force is large, fragment size is large and uneven, need to repeat the operation, low efficiency and other shortcomings. In particular, the use of uneven fragments as a grass-roots level, it is difficult to avoid the emergence of new road reflection cracks, so that the actual use of a very limited, and even some homes like the United States has prohibited the use of heavy hammer impact crushing process to repair cement pavement.

Resonance Broken Principle

Resonant Construction Waste Crusher is the use of vibration beam to drive the work of the hammer vibration, the frequency of about 44Hz, amplitude of 20mm. Hammer and cement board contact, by adjusting the vibration frequency of the hammer to the natural frequency of the cement plate into an integral multiple, to stimulate its resonance, the cement plate broken.

Characteristics of Resonant Construction Waste Crusher

As the resonant Construction Waste Crusher process is reasonable, automatic control of operating parameters, it has the following characteristics:

  • (1) Fragment size is ideal and uniform. As the resonant crushing force occurs in the thickness of the entire cement plate, the cement plate below the working hammer can be evenly broken. By fine-tuning the vibration frequency, you can make the particle size of 8 ~ 20cm ideal size. In addition, after the crushing of the cement layer, the upper part of the smaller diameter, the lower part of the larger, not only can effectively prevent the new pavement of the reflection of the road cracks, but also improve the carrying capacity of the roadbed.
  • (2) due to the depth of crushing can be controlled, you can keep the roadbed structure and its pipeline facilities intact.
  • (3) vibration noise pollution, construction to adapt to a large range. As the resonant Construction Waste Crusher using high-frequency low-amplitude vibration wave decay speed is very fast, the transmission range is small (2 ~ 3m), so does not affect the road and the surrounding structures and facilities, can be applied to the cement road road, Airport, port, city road and other restoration works.
  • (4) crushing depth, high construction efficiency. By adjusting the vibration frequency and amplitude, resonant Construction Waste Crusher operating depth of up to 66cm, 2000m or nearly 6400m2 per day to complete the amount of broken operations, and because of single lane operations, you can not interrupt the traffic.

Artificial Gravel System Crushing And Sand Making Equipment Selection

In the artificial sand production technology system, the crushing and sand making equipment is the main gravel production equipment, its equipment performance directly affects the whole artificial sand and gravel processing system investment and production costs. The actual situation, within the broken and sand making equipment manufacturers, variety, its performance and price are also different. How to choose the appropriate crushing and sanding equipment to ensure the operational reliability of the artificial gravel production system, advanced technology, economic rationality is the main topic of artificial sand and gravel production system design. Under the shore of artificial sand and gravel production and processing system is the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project II, the third phase of concrete construction of finished sand and some of the main production base of stone.

The shore is located in the lower reaches of the Three Gorges Dam 12km at the chicken ridge, the material field rock is plaque granite, and a small amount of diabase veins and other distribution. Spotted granite is gray or flesh red. Coarse plaque structure, massive structure. The overall performance of the rock is better, the compressive strength is high and the abrasion index is larger.