• Name :Application of PD100120 New External Construction Waste Crusher
  • Abstract:

    Introduction: Construction Waste Crusher because of its simple structure, reliable, easy manufacturing and maintenance, adaptability, low cost advantages, two is the scope of smashing the application of a wide range of two kinds of crushing equipment. The traditional crusher has a large structure size, moving jaw can not get the ideal trajectory, eccentricity and other fatal shortcomings. Resulting in the design of the Construction Waste Crusher height, it is difficult to adapt to the limitations of space occasions; liner wear serious, low life; equipment movement is poor stability. Due to material clogging and overcrowding, the traditional Construction Waste Crusher is difficult to increase the crushing ratio, improve the eccentric shaft speed, increase the production capacity of an important breakthrough.


The new model of the Construction Waste Crusher mechanism is established, and the characteristics of the new crushing equipment are analyzed theoretically. Compared with the traditional mechanism, the simplified method does not reflect the characteristics of the variable length connecting rod, and the gear meshing mechanism and the line contact high Two mechanisms for institutional simplification. The results show that the high - Therefore, the new Construction Waste Crusher for kinematics, dynamic analysis, it is recommended to use the line contact high model for institutional analysis.


A virtual simulation model of Construction Waste Crusher was established. The simulation model is established by means of SolidEdge (SE) and VisualNastran (VN), and the reliability of the simulation model is verified by comparing the simulation data with the actual prototype. Study on Mechanical Model of Working Cavity of Construction Waste Crusher. Firstly, the working parameters and physical parameters of the new Construction Waste Crusher are analyzed. Secondly, the factors influencing the size and distribution of the crushing load are analyzed theoretically.

Based on the theory of fracture, finite element analysis and fuzzy stochastic theory, the distribution characteristics of the distribution load of crushing chamber are obtained. The fuzzy stochastic theory is used to study the correctness of the distributed load, and the fuzzy random distribution load curve of the working cavity is obtained by using the field industrial test method. The analysis of the fuzzy random distribution load curve shows that the actual value of the distributed load is smaller than the traditional crushing force design value, the ratio is 0.833, and its resultant force is at the position of 0.787 of the whole tooth plate. This conclusion is the strength design of the Construction Waste Crusher (Kinetic research) has a guiding significance.

Finite element analysis of mechanism components. The stress state of the moving jaw under different mechanical models is analyzed. The analysis shows that under the action of fuzzy random distribution load, the strength of the moving jaw is over. Secondly, the finite element analysis and finite element optimization of the frame are carried out by using the fuzzy random distribution load. After comparing the three rack models, the 25mm side panel was selected and the quality of the rack was reduced by about 0.8t.

The new Construction Waste Crusher developed by Beijing Institute of Mining and Metallurgy has obvious advantages: the direction of the stroke is large, the wear stroke is small, the moving jaw movement characteristic is ideal; its shape is low, thus solving the traditional Construction Waste Crusher By the height of the chisel chamber; greatly reducing energy consumption. Although the new Construction Waste Crusher has all the above advantages, but some of the new equipment parameters inferior to the external equipment, such as the quality of the machine, the new crusher than the same type of machine about 1/3 or so, this Greatly improving the production costs of the product, reducing the market competitiveness of products.

The strength of the new Construction Waste Crusher is designed according to the traditional design formula, which is likely to appear in the traditional design formula is not suitable for the design of new crusher, there will be excessive machine strength, making the machine greatly increased the weight The. In order to reduce the weight of the new Construction Waste Crusher and improve its market competitiveness, it is necessary to study the distribution of the working cavity load and the effect of the size on the weight of the whole machine.

Broken And Construction Waste Crusher Profile

The ore mined from the mine is called the ore. The ore is made up of minerals and gangue. Underground ore mining out of the ore is relatively large size between 200 ~ 60mm, such an ore can not be directly applied in the industry, must be broken and grinding operations, so that the particle size to meet the requirements. Crushing is to block the ore into a particle size greater than 1 ~ mm products, less than 1mm size of the product is completed by grinding operations.

1, The Preparation Of Industrial Gravel

Large pieces of stone after sieving, you can get a variety of different requirements of the gravel. These gravel can be made into concrete. They are widely used in construction, hydropower and other industries, the railway subgrade construction also requires a lot of gravel.

2, The Ore In The Useful Mineral Separation

Ore has a single metal and polymetallic ore, and the ore is mostly grade ore. After the ore is broken, it can separate the useful metal from the gangue and harmful impurities in the ore. As the raw material for the dressing, the impurities are removed and the high grade concentrate is obtained.

3, for the grinding to provide raw materials

Grinding process required particle size is not greater than 1 ~ 5mm of raw materials, is provided by the broken products. For example, in coking plants, manufacturing plants, powder metallurgy, cement and other departments, are provided by the crushing process of raw materials, and then through the grinding to achieve the required product size and powder status.

A Brief Introduction to the Working Principle and Classification of Construction Waste Crusher

The crushing of the Construction Waste Crusher is carried out between two jaws, where the two jaws are fixed on the frame and become the jaw plate, and the other two are mounted on the moving jaw body. The surface of the two performance for the tooth shape. With the jaw plate periodically close to the jaw plate, the completion of the broken material, with the space between them when the larger, the completion of the material discharge. So by the moving jaw, jaw and moving jaw side guard plate constitutes its crushing chamber. The size of the crusher is expressed by the width B and length L of the feed port. For example, the PD100120 Construction Waste Crusher has a width of 1000mm and a length of 1200mm.

Construction Waste Crusher in accordance with the form of movement is divided into two basic forms - simple and broken pendulum Construction Waste Crusher. The former is because the moving jaw around the fixed frame on the rack for a simple arc swing named. The latter is because the moving jaw in other parts driven by the complex two plane movement named after the complex, moving jaw on the point of the track for the closed curve, the subject of the study of the PD100120 Construction Waste Crusher jaw trajectory For approximate ellipse.

Moving the jaw on the point of the trip and its characteristic value determines the crusher performance advantages and disadvantages. The direction of crushing can produce the amount of compression necessary for the broken material. As the material is broken, the greater the blockiness is, and the greater the amount of compression required. Therefore, the direction of the two crushing directions should be reduced from the feed inlet to the discharge port small. As the discharge of the material out of the discharge is free, so the level of the level of the discharge at the mouth of the size of the discharge layer should also take into account the material required when the nesting height. For the Construction Waste Crusher, the travel characteristic value m = h / s, h is called the vertical stroke of the moving jaw, s is called the horizontal stroke of the moving jaw, m has a great influence on the working performance of the machine, and the horizontal stroke of the moving jaw , Static jaw plate on the material grinding rub, can make the material broken. But the rubbing action makes the movement and jaw plate wear and reduce the service life of the jaw plate, so the stroke characteristic value m is too large or too small for the Construction Waste Crusher are unfavorable, you can use the stroke characteristic value to measure the crusher track value Performance of the pros and cons.

From the above table can be seen: the upper Construction Waste Crusher upper horizontal stroke, less than the lower horizontal stroke, and the vertical travel are very small, the characteristic value m = 0.3. Pendulum crusher upper horizontal stroke, greater than the lower horizontal stroke, and the vertical travel is very large, the characteristic value m = 2.5 ~ 3. So the complex pendulum Construction Waste Crusher up and down the horizontal travel distribution is reasonable, and there is a large vertical stroke, is conducive to the crushing of the material down the cavity, its production capacity is higher than the pendulum Construction Waste Crusher, but because of its vertical travel Large, jaw plate greatly reduced the service life.